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Changing Your Mind!​​​

    Elizabeth Marian Kilkenny CH, CNLP , HypnoCoach, Emotional Intelligence Behavioral Specialist



Gastric bypass surgery is only one of the actual surgeries that have been all but a dream come true for many obese and morbidly obese people.  The surgeons have given so many people an opportunity to change their lives for the better as far as their weight goes.  However, the problem did not start with the physical body...no...the problem started in the mind. It is for this reason I like to say that the Surgeon changes the anatomy but nobody changes the mind.  This is where hypnosis comes in. 

Hypnosis deals with those actual causes that led to the obesity in the first place and all the changes that the actual surgery creates.  The changes in your physical appearance, changes in your family dynamics & the loss of old eating buddies are only some of the side effects of the surgery that can catch the patient off guard and can even cause failure.  Did you know that divorce is one of the major side effects of gastric surgery?  Alcoholism is another major side effect.

Don't let these issues catch you off guard.  Call me and we can deal with each and every one of these problems.  It's all about Changing Your Life by Changing Your Mind.

How Can Hypnosis Help You On Your Weight Loss Journey

Did you know that your mind is so powerful it can emulate the effects of actual gastric banding ?This can be a magnificent tool to fortify any healthy eating program.