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Have you finally decided you have had enough?  Enough of those dirty, filthy, smelly and expensive cigarettes?  Is your health paying the price for all those years of inhaling smoke?  Well you have come to the right place.  I can help you if you can answer yes to these questions .

Let me start by telling you that I smoked for 21 years.  I had a 2 pack a day habit. I quit 25 years ago. I know what it is like to enjoy a cigarette.  I know how attached I had gotten to them.  Coffee/cigarette, food/cigarette, phone call/cigarette, driving/cigarette, emotional stress/cigarette, social entertainment/cigarette. It is  my experience as a chain smoker that makes me the perfect hypnotist to help you.

The freedom you will feel when you realize that the only power those cigarettes had over you is the power you, yourself, have given them.  

They do not own you.  They do not control you.  They are merely a collection of poisons along with some tobacco leaves which have been dipped in sugar and dried and then crumbled up and wrapped in some white paper.  You believe that you are addicted to the nicotine.  If that was the case, would there not be nicotine clinics all over the county.  After all, people are living on Nicotine gum, Nicotine patches, and Nicotine vaping. The truth is, they have no power over you and you can become a non-smoker in one visit if you are committed to making the change.

Think what you can do with the money you save by not buying cigarettes. In New York a two pack a day habit costs approximately $25.00 per day or $750.00 per month or  $9125.00 per year.  Imagine how delighted you would be with a $9000 per year wage increase. Imagine the vacation you could take or the vehicle you could afford and still have money left over each month to save for a nice vacation. Start taking control of your health, your finances and your future.  Call for an appointment today.

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