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    Elizabeth Marian Kilkenny CH, CNLP , HypnoCoach, Emotional Intelligence Behavioral Specialist

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Overcoming Compulsion and Habits with Hypnosis

I created and presented this  program designed to

help my clients deal with habits that have changed

their lives in ways they never thought possible.

If you have been dealing with any issue from smoking

to one of the more difficult compulsions or habits, and you

feel that you have had enough and want to change. the

only place to make change is at the thought level.

It is your thoughts that lead you to your actions...change the

thoughts and you change the actions.  Change the actions 

and you create a new neuron connection, therefore weakening the established connection, therefore weakening the expected reaction.  

There are several steps that are required in order to correct the issue of compulsion.  Each step is a unique method of "Reclaiming Ownership Of Yourself",  the only way you are going to succeed completely in the transformation is to complete each of the five steps.

Step One:  Forgiveness

Step Two