Let me ask you to imagine yourself standing in the middle of a room..your eyes closed and all you want to do is to change a habit you have.

Now I  want you to think of all of the things you have on your mind at any given moment.. contacts, the job, passwords, names, bills, TV shows, your health, your family, your education .. and on and on and on. Spinning around you like a tornado.

Now I want you to imagine me, the hypnotist, unzipping that tornado from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and allowing all of that "stuff" to "fall" to the floor around your feet and you then step out of it.  

Now, you are ready to make changes in the person who you are.  

How Much will It cost 

My first sessions are usually 2-3 hours in length.  I suggest that my new clients come in the evenings so that they can go home and have another 8 hours of reinforcement as they sleep. 

Follow up appointments usually run 1-2 hours depending on the work we need to do.

Everybody, who's mind is functioning properly can be hypnotized.  

If you drive a car, you do not think of each and every move you need to make just to make the car move safely from one place to the other, it is because your subconscious mind has taken over the task...you were in hypnosis.

And if you have ever driven a car and have ever gotten to your destination unaware of passing some very familiar landmarks, you were in hypnosis.

If you have ever gone to a movie or read a book, and cried at what was going on, you were in hypnosis.

In fact, your heart beating and your lungs breathing are all functions of your subconscious mind.

So as I say, if you are mind is functioning properly, you can be hypnotized.


Can I be Hypnotized

What  is Hypnosis

Yes, I can help you if you want change.

If you do want change, I will guide you through the process of making those changes in your life.

Every habit, every belief, every addiction, compulsion, fear, career & educational status, your weight and even your overall health stems from your mind.

My job as a hypnotist is "Changing your Life By Changing Your Mind!" 

Can a hypnotist help me?

Each Session Costs  $150.00

East Coast Hypnosis LLC

Changing Your Life


Changing Your Mind!​​​

    Elizabeth Marian Kilkenny CH, CNLP , HypnoCoach, Emotional Intelligence Behavioral Specialist



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How Long will it take?